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20 Years of Wonderful German Shepherds 
Aww..I love you Too!
.Good Morning,
I got Roxi from you in August of 2012 at 12 weeks of age. Her original name was Fergi. I just wanted to let you know what an integral part of the family she has become. We foster kittens for a rescue group down here in Vista, Ca. Initially we were careful with Roxi, not sure how she would interact with the kittens. She has now become my right hand woman. She believes it is her job to help me take care of them and gets excited when a new batch arrives. She even helps me with our chickens. And she has played an important role in offering me comfort during my panic attacks. I was diagnosed with panic disorder shortly after bringing Roxi home. And even the psychiatrist agrees that she has been an important part in managing it. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to share our lives with this wonderful dog! I have included some pictures so you can see how she's grown.


Our Sweet Cali I will never forget the day I answered that puppy ad.When I saw you standing at the steps on the front porch I knew I had to have you even though you were the last puppy in your litter. I bought you home that day and you were our first dog in our family. We watched you grow and change and wondered how long you would be such a quiet calm Shepherd.

Eventually you grew up and we loved you more and more every day.You never demanded much attention but took every bit you recieved with much apppreciation.You enjoyed nothing more than going to work with me and riding in the car and sat patiently for hours while I did my grooming, and was friendly and repectful to everyone.

Eventually you became very vocal as most shepherds and loved to play ball for hours.You were always careful not to knock down the kids who were half your 95 lbs. even in the excitement of a game of fetch.When you turned two you produced a beautiful litter of six puppies and we saw what a good mother you could be,never expecting your first litter would also be your last.I awoke the morning of September 22,2004 to find you lying there in the backyard lifeless and I knew from the size of your stomach it was bloat that cut your life so short and so suddenly.
God took you from us so unexpectedly and so unmercifully but we know you are in a better place. All the years we thought we would have you with us,growing old as our kids grew up,will no longer be and what makes it so hard is that we had no idea this would happen and no chance to save you but we will NEVER forget you, you were the best dog I ever knew and there will never be another like you. 

We love you always, in our hearts

Lisa and Omar