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Joe and Gerri 

We just wanted to thank you for shipping "Karley" to us to the Greater Cincinnati Airport. "Karley" whose name has been changed to "Greta" (we have a granddaughter living with us whose name is Karly) now lives in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We couldn't be more pleased and happy with her. She is so well behaved, even tempered, and intelligent. The trainer we hired that has been coming to our house once a week is very impressed with Greta and keeps telling us how lucky we are to have her. Greta is being trained to be my husband's constant companion - he has health problems, is retired, and wanted a dog to keep him company. Greta gets constant compliments from the neighbors on how beautiful she is and how friendly she is to everyone. Considering that I am not a "dog" person (I am a "cat" person) I have to admit that Greta has ch anged my mind completly about dogs. We both just love her and wanted to sincerely thank you for sending us such a wonderful german shepherd. You guys did a fabulous job with Greta. I will be sending several pictures to your web site listed here.
Bob and Sheri

Just about a year ago, we purchased a beautiful 4 month old female, Sable colored, German Shepard from Lisa. She has grown into a loving, beautiful, smart, agile, and obedient, girl. We love her coloring because she is so distinctive and different. We are very happy with her and would definitely purchase another dog from Lisa.

From:San Diego, Ca


Hi Lisa, We LOVE her!!! You should see the husband who wasn't crazy about getting a dog!!! He slept in the crate part of the night last night (huge crate that we borrowed til we get another one). She's so curious and amazed by everything. She's starting to come out of her shell and show spunk. Sooo smart and soooo beautiful! The trainer came over today and was thoroughly in awe of her. Everyone is. We cannot thank you enough for such and beautiful and healthy pup! We will send you pictures soon. Please know that she is loved and well cared for! Take care, Audrey

From:Encinitas, California
Beverly R. 

I bought a puppy from Lisa in 2003.She recently passed away of old age and was the best dog I have ever owned.Lisa was always there for me whenever I had questions about Roxie.I would not hesitate to welcome another Shepherd from Lisa's kennel when the time is right for me.

From:San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

Jamal is coming along great and he is really big. He is a very good dog and great with the kids, mine and the neighbors. He is very protective of the house and he is still young. If anyone gets near the gate he is running up to the gate barking. We love him and always get compliments on how beautiful he is. He is also very smart and listens. He is more of a mellow type of dog, where he can come into the house and relax and not jump around - wild and hyper, but very serious about playtime and guarding the gate area. U picked the right dog for us. Thanks Nicole
Trevor Jenkins

Hello Lisa, Nala is doing great and seems to be enjoying her new home. Our Lab has taken to her and seems to be the father figure. She follows him around constantly and spends a lot of time licking him. We have a large walk in shower that she is intrigued with... this morning she decided to join me in the shower and seems to like the rain shower feature the best. She loves to "move" things around the house but does not chew them up. She learned to usethe doggie door yesterday on her own... it is a scary doggie door as it is heavy duty with a flap on the inside and the outside... she had been taking the easy way by somehow going out at the same time as the lab (it is not a doggie door built for two). I work from home a lot and I have three dogs laying at my feet.... which are well licked. She is an absolute joy and has brought joy to our household. Thanks for raising such a wonderful animal! Trevor Jenkins

From:Fontana, Ca
Matt H 

12 years ago this Feb I had the great fortune to recieve a perfect little 8 wk old female from Lisa. I named my bundle of joy Morgan. Over the past 12 years she has been the very best dog a person could ask for and has been my loyal companion through thick and thin. She is beyond intelligent, I honestly don't remember trying to house train her, she basically knew from very early on to go outside, all basic obedience commands where learned within a day or so. We can leave her at home and she never gets into the trash or gets into any kind of trouble. Even at 12 yrs old shows no signs of hip problems, the vets usually seem a little surprised by her age. She still gets her bouts of joy where she bounds around like a puppy. Long story short, she really is the prefect dog. I only hope that Oak Glenn Kennels will keep going because it's not if but when I will be looking for my new family member, and they are absolutely first on my list. Thank you so much, your dedication to keeping up strong lines, great dispositions, and health have given me more happiness than I could ever express.